Shenzhen Shengtai Capacitors Co.,Ltd founded in 2005with 15 years experience in the manufacture of film capacitors, also as the company of STCAPACITORS Corporation, is a manufacturer specialized in the production of capacitors. Headquaters located in Shenzhen, China. And the factory of STCAPACITORS Corporation located in Huizhou, Guangdong Province.

The producing equipment of our factory were imported from Germany. Taiwan. Processing with raw materials from South Korea, Taiwan etc. The products are widely used in ballast, electronic mosquito swatter, acoustics. Microwave ovens, television sets, electric tools, etc. And mainly sold to Europe, America and the former Soviet Union, southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

Our Series products are Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors: CL21,CL21X-B(mini-box) , CL21-B, CL21X,, CL11, CL20 (Axial). Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors: X2, X1, CBB21, CBB21-B, CBB81, CBB81-B, CBB20, HV(high voltage). And with relevant certifications such as:VDE,UL ,CUL,CQC ,ROHS,REACH certificates. Famous for its premium quality.


The success we achieved can be attributed to helping our customers become successful. And by continuing to provide healthy relationships with customers, the momentum will help us grow and manufacture better quality, use resources efficiently, and understand the ever-changing market conditions.

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